Oh Snap!  Gary Evans Photography Shares Their Top Photography Tips!

Oh Snap! Gary Evans Photography Shares Their Top Photography Tips!

When it comes to wedding photography, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the photographer. This is especially true for couples getting married. Selecting the right photographer can mean the difference between an unforgettable day and a forgettable one.

One such photographer that couples can trust is Gary Evans of Gary Evans Photography. With nearly two decades of experience in the photography industry, Gary has been capturing wall worthy wedding memories for couples all around the world. So what are some of his top tips for couples getting married?  We sat down with him and got the scoop!

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First, it’s important to remember that everything can’t be perfect. Wedding days come with chaos, and couples should embrace it. Let Gary be the one to focus on capturing perfect moments. That way, you’ll have a beautiful and unique portfolio of memories that truly reflect your special day.

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Second, for the prepping/getting ready shots, have your entire immediate family there as it allows us to get more natural candid photos in addition to the formals that we take at the ceremony (something you’ll definitely want). We typically need 1 hour with each of you.  We always recommend hair and makeup coming to you so you don't waste any time going to the salon or risk running late.

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Third, we suggest you get ready in a hotel room at the same hotel. Hotel rooms typically have the best light and surroundings for photos, plus extra room for your bridal party.  Being at the same hotel will prevent you from having to get ready earlier than desired and will save on travel time allowing us more shoot time.  Try and make sure you keep it tidy as clutter will affect the backgrounds of your images.

Fourth, have your bridal party and family ready to get dressed before we arrive to shoot you getting ready. Have all the cute matching robes etc and champagne chilled so we can grab the shots, get everyone dressed and have them help you.  They will be in some photos as they help you get dressed. We may also get some formal photos with them at that time.

Fifth, if there is anything specific or unique to your day that you want to make sure we capture please let us know ahead of time (example: doing a surprise dance at the reception or the groom is carrying his great grandfathers lucky coin with him…).

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Sixth, for formal family photos at the ceremony, make sure whomever you want photos with knows not to disappear right after. Have them head to a designated spot to meet for pictures.  Make a list of family groupings and send it to your photographer ahead of time.  As a general rule - each grouping will take 2-3 minutes so make sure you plan your timeline accordingly.

Last but not least, couples should remember to have fun while having their photos taken. We want to capture your real personality, if you laugh a lot, let it out!  Now is the time to let loose and be yourself and drink it all in!  Let us capture the perfect moments that reflect the authenticity and joy of your special day.

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I think we can all agree that these little gems will help you take your wedding photos to the next level and definitely help out your photographer to get the most magic out of your time together!

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