I LOVE the box but the wedding is still a year away. When should I start my subscription?

There is no time like the present for a present!

While our subscriptions are 3 or 6 months, the items inside of the boxes would benefit any couple throughout their planning phase. A perfect engagement or wedding shower gift, this box will have them soaring through planning with more joy and celebration!

Does my subscription automatically renew?

If you've chosen monthly payments, they will be processed on the 15th of each month for the duration of your subscription that you've chosen. Once that time has been completed, your subscription will not renew again.

We know that couples are only in the planning stage of their wedding for a finite time. Should you with to continue with additional boxes, you can always add onto your existing subscription by emailing customer support.

If you would like to extend your 3 month subscription, we'll send you a unique link with that option closer to the end of your subscription. That is the best option to ensure you don't receive duplicate items

My card was declined on auto payment. What should I do?

Our system will automatically retry to process the payment. We will not ship your box until payment is successful.

We are not responsible for any charges from banks or credit card companies that may result due to failed payment attempts or overdraft fees.

Can I return items or boxes?

We do not accept any returns. Missing, damaged or flawed items are covered, however! Please reach out to customer service to make arrangements for replacement items.

Something isn't right - missing, broken, defective items. What do I do?

While we handpick and handpack everything ourselves, we're only human - mistakes can occur but we're committed to making it right!

Drop us an email within 30-days of receiving your box, we'll fix it or replace it - free of charge!

Can I gift this box to someone else?

Yes! Absolutely! Upon gifting, if you're not sure of their personalization labels and check that box, we can reach out on your behalf prior to sending. If it's a gift we also include a complimentary note card to include in the box - just fill out what you'd like it to say so they know who their gift is from!

Can I cancel my subscription? What's your cancellation policy?

Yes! Cancel anytime (with a $30 cancellation fee) by emailing support@idobox.ca

Cancellation requests must be made at least 48hrs prior to your next billing. If you have already been billed for your next box, your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle, and we, unfortunately, cannot issue a refund as your box is immediately sent for processing.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

1000%! Love is Love and we want to support your love story above all else. It's why we offer personalization specific to you! You can choose the title or label you align with. Or don't. If your love doesn't have a label - we won't make you either.

What to do if I move during my subscription?

Easy peasy! Moves happen. Contact support@idobox.ca to modify your shipping address!

What's inside the box?

Curation is everything! Once you've chosen your label (or gone label-less) we curate a collection of 6-8 custom designed wedding items per box, each box with a retail value of over $100 CAD

Don't love "branded everything"? Neither do we. We curate a mix of wedding branded products and some with no branding at all to ensure many of our products can last into married life.

Are the boxes themed?

An entire theme box can be really cheesy so we've opted for a selection of curated pieces that will stand the test of time. Our items focus on quality and usability.

When will my first box ship and from where?

Our boxes leave the "nest" (aka our workshop) on the first of every month. If you've purchased after the 27th of the month, your order will be shipped at the beginning of the following month. Boxes typically take 3-4 days after shipping.

We ship direct from our warehouse in Ontario. Shipping is currently offered within Canada and USA

How much is shipping? Where do you ship to?

SHIPPING IS FREE!!! We currently ship within Canada and USA. You won't pay more for your box depending on your location - it's included in the price!

The wedding is SOON, can I get boxes faster?

We currently only offer 3 and 6 month subscriptions but stay connected for updates or send us suggestions via support@idobox.ca

What subscription options are available?

If your wedding is closer than the subscription times would allow, we can ship all boxes together for you. Please contact support@idobox.ca to coordinate.

We love a first look too! So we make it easy! Follow our Instagram @idobox.ca for sneak peeks of products in some of our upcoming boxes. We're always switching it up and adding new products!

Can I find out what's in the box?

Absolutely not! Each box is a fresh curation of items you'll love which means absolutely no repeats (altho you may want some of these items more than once!) We carefully curate our subscription boxes to ensure that our products are not repeated throughout your subscription.

Will I get the same product more than once?

Your postman is hiding it! Just teasing (kinda!) If they knew what was in it...it'd be gone!

If your package appears to be missing do the following first:

1: Check with other residents of your household (they might have sweetly brought it inside, right?!)
2: You don't just ask them for a cup of sugar - ask your neighbours
3: Call your local post office. The box might be sitting there awaiting your pickup

Important - please note we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages after tracking shows as delivered!

What do I do if tracking shows my box is delivered but I can't find it?

Monthly payments are processed on the 15th of each month

When will I be billed if I chose monthly payments?

Boxes are non-refundable and are processed and assembled right away. You can cancel additional months in your subscription. The cancellation would be confirmed for the following month. With a prepaid subscription, there is a $30 cancellation fee to cancel during your subscription and prorate the refund.

What if I subscribe and then cancel right away?

Please check out our Affiliate link here www.idobox.ca/affilitate

I'm a blogger/influencer - how can I work with you?

Email us, of course! support@idobox.ca

What if I need to ask the I Do Box a question?

Oh you'll know this beauty when you see it! I Do Boxes arrive in a branded 100% compostable mailer bag with a stunning box inside, perfect to reuse!

Do I Do Boxes arrive in a branded box?

Visit idobox.ca/media

Media Inquiries?

Visit idobox.ca/media