Everything you need to know about the I Do Box

The I Do Box was developed to support couples in love and saying "I Do" to celebrate the journey. It's personalized gifting accessible to every couple. The perfect way to show your excitement for someone else's big day!

Here's what you need to know (aka The Facts)

- The wedding industry is a marketing machine focused primarily on heteronormative relationships
- Those outside of that label (LGBTQ+) are maginalized, difficult to find anything personalized for, and outside the scope of even many vendors.
- The 'I Do Box' is the world's first title - optional subscription box for couples of every shape, size and style.
- Boxes come in 3 or 6 month subscription options at a pricepoint of $79 and a value of over $100 per box. Shipping cost is included
- Most 'I Do Box' subscriptions are GIFTED from family, friends, colleagues to share in the love and excitement of a couples wedding

For media inquiries, please contact co-founders Kim & Gary at media@idobox.ca