10 Awesome Reasons to Buy the I Do Box

When it comes to wedding planning, the most important factor to consider is the experience you have along the way. Your want to keep it fun, enjoy each stage and of course be a little EXTRA. Whether you're buying the I Do Box for yourself or as the perfect shower or engagement gift, our subscription box checks all those boxes! This box is an amazing way to add unique and practical elements to your wedding planning, here's all the reasons why you need the I Do Box in your life!

1. Value

Because our products are bundled into our subscription box, you're saving $ vs buying them separately. We also include shipping in all our pricing, no extra fees or surprise charges!

2. Unique Items

You can't find our items anywhere else! Our team has designed and created the items in the I Do Box just for us, a carefully curated collection to guide you through wedding planning with a modern style.

3. Save Time

We all know how time consuming wedding planning is, or searching for the perfect gift. Our subscription box makes your life easier by simply ordering online, day or night and dazzling with a custom curated wedding subscription box that's delivered right to their/your door!

4. Modern and Anti Cheese Products

Let's face it, there's so much cringe out there in wedding gifting! You're not going to find cheesy colours or anything cringe here. No "sweating for the wedding" in our box. All our products are designed to be used as a collection, coordinating in classy neutrals to fit any decor/wedding looks.

5. Inclusive

It's time to put your money where your morals are and push wedding vendors to celebrate all couples, not just brides. We offer options for Mr, Mrs, and those who prefer no titles at all. After all, our world is so much better when we celebrate love without labels. Did we mention that our wedding planner is completely inclusive and gender free? Write in whatever you want, however you feel or identify.

6. Stress Less

Reduce some of the stress associated with wedding planning with our subscription box chock full of all the little things you haven't through of yet. Vow books, emergency kit, champagne flutes, wedding planner notebook and all the planning and date night essentials you'll need along the way, all in one place.

Instead of spending hours upon hours visiting stores and ordering things online, you can have a boxdelivered straight to your door with everything you need.

7. Variety

With a subscription box, you’ll get an awesome variety of items, such as items to celebrate your engagement, wear on an epic night out, use on the wedding day and take on your honeymoon.

8. Consistent Collection

The I Do Box is carefully curated and double checked to contain products that are consistent in quality and style. This allows you to create a cohesive look in your wedding planning without having to worry about items being mismatched or
of low quality.

9. Options

We love to provide options! Our couples love the option to pay monthly or all at once. Since our subscription box has a start and end date, you know what your investment is going to be and feel confident gifitng to your bestie (or yourself)

10. Perfect for Gifting

Did you know that we provide a handwritten note in your box when you gift our subscription. After all, we all know you want credit for that epic surprise that's going to land on their doorstep. Going to a shower or engagement party? You can have the first box shipped to you to take to the party and change the shipping address to theirs after the first box!